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Amjobz e-Marketing Ventures


Welcome all to Amjobz Global Online Portal.
Amjobz is an e-Portal developed a new kind of information exchange to help company to grow their business globally for all kinds of products and services beyond their existing Marketplace.
We Amjobz, is a unique, professional and space-age one-stop-shop e-Marketing Ventures.

  • We have the strategies and solutions that fit your need.
  • We have a revenue system for a life time income.
  • This is the simplest, fastest way to meet your financial goals

Are you willing to help your family, friends and colleagues?
Are you looking for a right career in Middle East?
Are you planning to start a company franchisee in Middle East?
Are you a company owner?
Are you a social media user?

Then, Amjobz could be the most valuable click in the world for you.

One of the best and most profitable programs to come out in a long time, we offer you the laziest, and smartest way of becoming RICH [Residual Income Creates Happiness] through the internet based business.

Why Amjobz e-Marketing Ventures?

  • Amjobz CSR – 1% profit shall be utilized for Educational, Technology and other Social initiatives
  • Anyone and everyone can start their business without any investment
  • Worldwide Jobseekers can apply for Jobs to global companies as free of cost 
  • Amjobz is a gateway to UAE to fulfill the dream of job seekers worldwide
  • Amjobz is a right platform to start Business Franchisees from outside  countries to UAE Market
  • Worldwide companies can enroll as an employer for simplify their HR works and get free data access of job seekers worldwide
  • A small/traditional business owner can bring his business in to an online business world wide
  • Enlisted Company could reach worldwide with affordable cost
  • Social Media Viral Marketing by using an Army of Affiliates

What is Amjobz?

‘Amjobz’ is an e-Portal where in Customers, Affiliates, Part/Full time Jobseekers, Employee, Small Business Person/self Employed/Specialist, Big Business Owners and Investors shall be benefitted through our various areas of opportunities worldwide.
By enlisting your company in Amjobz e-Portal, your company can be popularized locally and internationally to the customers who all are searching the information online about any products or services

Who will generate the leads for enlisted companies?

Amjobz is having an ‘Army of Affiliates’, who will shoot your Promotions/Ads through Social media and other online media. By enrolling with our free online Affiliates Software, you can easily track:
How many people saw your Promotions or Ads?
How many clicks you got it?
How many leads generated?

Salient features of Amjobz e-Portal

  • Global online directory
  • Company Promotions and Ads
  • Social Media Promotions
  • B2B & B2C
  • Social Media SEO
  • Logo Design
  • Company banner design
  • E-Com Website Providers
  • Comparison shopping website
  • Online Global Market Place [products & services]
  • E-shopping & M-shopping



  • Affiliates Marketing  
  • Digital Marketing           
  • Telemarketing
  • Email Marketing
  • e-Shopping
  • m-Shopping & More

Benefits of Companies

  • Logo Promotion
  • Specific, sharp & quick search
  • Option for link to Website
  • Direct Enquiries locally & Internationally [B2B & B2C]
  • Worldwide reachability of listing
  • Social media Promotion
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media SEO
  • 100% verified Data
  • 24/7 update facility about your new job notifications & new promotions of your products & services
  • Free Access of global job seekers data
  • Option to see video CVs
  • Conduct web-in-interview and web-in-appointment
  • Call letter option to simplify HR works
  • Traditional Shop brings in to an online shop
  • 100% hassle free system to save lot of money for companies