Why you need to get a Google Glass right now

Why you need to get a Google Glass right nowWearable devices are the new contribution of the technology over the past few years. Their unique features and easy to wear and portability have gained them wide popularity in people’s life. Major devices like Smartwatches, Smartglasses, Fitness trackers etc have almost entered our life. They have started playing vital roles in our health updates and smooth run of our busy lives. Continue Reading

ZUK Edge, Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro and Android Nougat

With the year 2016 coming to an end, numerous number of smartphones and softwares have come into light. Some were a hit while others were never able to see the light. Next year is going to be the year of competition and smarter devices with the coming of IoT and Augmented Reality. Now the devices have started racing to update as per the new technologies keeping in mind the other features too. Why don’t we discuss some of them? Continue Reading

Top Upcoming Wearable Devices 2017

Its clear that wearable devices are getting more popular nowadays. Due to their easy to wear, unique functionalities, wearable devices are finding their best roles in human life. In this post, I aim to feed you with some refreshing news on these devices. It is obvious that the future is going to see the flooding of wearable devices. Let us discuss on the top wearable devices in 2017 that are going to rule the world. Continue Reading

Vital Elements for the success of Amjobz ventures

logo-1During the last session of Amjobz Managers’ meeting, our CMD raised a question to name two elements vital for the success of Amjobz ventures.  Nobody, including me, couldn’t find the right answer.  CMD himself came forward with the answer:  Franchisees and Amjobz Team.

Why nobody answered this question?  In fact everybody knows this.  I think, for individual to individual, priorities are different.   Continue Reading

Lenovo Phab 2 is finally here!!!

Lenovo Phab 2 is finally here!!!After the launch of its predecessor Lenovo Phab 2 Plus,Lenovo  has launched Phab 2 yesterday. Lenovo Phab 2 is the fourth baby in Lenovo’s Phab series. And if you dont know what does Phab refers to, it is Phone+ Tablet. Phab Plus was the first phone from Phab series. And the company called it as A smartphone  with its portability but with the fun of a tablet. The first Phab plus was followed by Phab. Then the Phab 2 Plus now giving way to Phab 2. And the next super phone in this series is Phab 2 Pro which is going to be amazing with its specifications. Continue Reading

Here’s why you should be talking about Kodak Ektra

Here's why you should be talking about Kodak EktraSo far we have been talking about good photo sharing apps, editing apps, smartest of smartphones etc. We have got a quite handful of apps and devices focusing on improving our daily life experiences. How about unveiling a photography led smartphone today? Bookmark this. This is going to be a fresh meetup with a smartie that will be launched soon.  Continue Reading

Give me 10 minutes, I will tell you why should you Snapchat!!

Give me 10 minutes, I will tell you why should you Snapchat!!For someone who doesnt know what the title says, Snapchat has been around for more than 6 years. But I also know that some of you may not have heard of it. Today it is my duty to introduce this blasting app in front of you. Snapchat has been conquering millions of hearts from the time it has launched. It finds both its uses in private messaging as well as businesses too. Snapchat is really nothing different from something we can call magic. It is basically a messaging app. But do you know what makes it unique and different from other messaging apps? Well, we can find out. Continue Reading

Is Instagram The Most Trending Thing Now?

Is Instagram The Most Trending Thing Now?You must have seen a number of pictures from Instagram whenever on web searching for an image. Most of you may have an Instagram account. But still there will be more people here who dont have this app on their phones. They might not be aware of the app or might be using less despite having an account. Cases are many. So I have planned to rev upon the basic Instagram features. Hey newbies you can nickname it as Insta too. Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence is so famous, But Why?

Artificial Intelligence is so famous, But Why?With the coming up of computers and machines the work done by the humans are reducing. Day by day we see a change in technology. We see different versions of every devices with new upgrades. The computers and machines have improved in terms of speed and size. With this tremendous growth in every field, next step we look forward in the technological world is “Artificial Intelligence“. When we hear the word “Artificial intelligence” what actually comes to our mind? First thing that comes to your mind will be What is this stuff? Am I right? It is because no one has a brief idea about it. Do you want to know more about it? Then I can help you. Continue Reading

If You Love Internet, You’ll Love Internet Of Things Too

If You Love Internet, You'll Love Internet Of Things TooI have chosen this particular topic “The Internet Of Things” since I have read over the internet that there is a boom in the number of  searches over this topic on Google. And I know its heating up. Also I personally would like to write something that is heating up. We are very familiar with the term Internet. This part of technology is diluted into our lives almost in every aspects. Continue Reading