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1. How does your Affiliate Program work?
Our affiliate program allows you to make money by listing companies in to our directory, putting their promotions on the site and referring customers to our website. You can do this by placing links, banners, product reviews, or any of the other content we provide you with on your website. Each time you refer a customer to us and that customer makes a purchase, you earn a commission. In every calendar month you will receive your commission payments via the payment option you select on the time of your registration.

2. What technical skills do I need?
Affiliates or someone associated with their site needs to know how to copy and paste HTML code and place it accurately within the code of a web page. You can get further technical support with the Contact Us tool provided in the Share a Sale interface.

3. What happens if a customer returns your product?
If a customer returns a product and asks for a refund or if a credit card charge is reversed due to a dispute or fraud, your account will be debited for any commission earned on that transaction.

4. Who can participate?
Just about anybody! Whether you run a large commercial web site, a small personal blog, a non-profit site, or anything in between you’re welcome to apply to join the program. We also welcome owners of opt-in e-mail newsletters.

5. Are all nationalities eligible for your Affiliate Program?
Yes, we welcome applications to our affiliate program from most countries.

6. What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

7. Should I sell anything?
No, Ambjobz is making a worldwide business directory so that affiliates can share the promotion pages of our clients in various social media earning commission out of it.

8. When the Affiliate marketing started in Amjobz?
We started affiliate marketing on 25/10/2015.

9. Is Amjobz legally registered?
Yes, Amjobz is legally registered under UAE law.

10. How many affiliates are there in Amjobz as on today?
As on today, we have more than 300 affiliates.

11. Do we need to pay?
Well, it is optional, anyone joins with payment will get extra income from the company.

12. If we want to pay, how much it is?
Well, it is just US$ 140/- only

13. Is it MLM / Chain System / Network Marketing?
Not at all, it is a direct selling method

14. How affiliates get income from Amjobz?
Well, affiliates are earning income in different ways (enlisting companies in Amjobz Global directory and by promoting their product and services through Social Media)

15. How many sources of income we can avail from Amjobz?
Amjobz offering 8 types of income for Affiliates

16. Can I work from home?
Yes, you can learn and earn from anywhere in the world, either from home or outside

17. Should I sponsor affiliates compulsory?
No. it is not mandatory.

18. If I want to sponsor Affiliates, Minimum how many affiliates should I?
Here there is no limit; it is depending upon your talents and ability.

19. What if, someone under me doesn't work?
Well, select one who can be an asset under you rather than a liability.

20. What are the documents required to be an Affiliate?
Passport copy and emirates ID for UAE and National ID for other country.

21. Can I join as Affiliate directly from company without using parent I.D.?
No, you can’t join without parent Id.

22. If I am a paid affiliate, will I get any refund suppose I discontinue?
It is clearly informed that there is an option to become a free affiliate. But once paid will not be refunded.

23. How to join a known person under me, from other country?
Same procedure, if they want to become an affiliate, you can send your referral link.

24. How can I get support when I moved to another country / state?
It is a global company, so any support from anywhere is available by online.

25. Is there any qualification / Age limit required to become an Affiliate?
Anybody can become an affiliate and age is applicable to the concerned country’s law.

26. How can I receive the payments that I earned from Affiliate marketing?
You can choose payment options by editing your profile page.

27. Can I take multiple I.D.s on my name?
No, it is not allowed. Only one I D per person is allowed as per company policy.

28. How many ways are there to make payments to Amjobz?
Either by cheque or online payment method.

29. Is there any validity period for my I.D.? Is there renewal fee?
Yes. You have to activate your ID every year.

30. Can I transfer my I.D. to any one?
It can be inherited. Not transferable.

31. Is there any Cap for my earnings through Amjobz?
No, there is no Cap. Sky is the limit.

32. If anyone under me renews their I.D., can I get commission again?

33. What are the basic steps I have to take immediately after signing up?
Learn Amjobz System and plan with your sponsor to achieve your goals.

34. Once registered, is there any chance to cancel my I.D. by the company?
Company has full rights to cancel the ID if they violating companies rules.

35. How much I get paid for each click and share of banners?
It varies according to the company’s Banners.

36. What is the use of Privilege card?
You can avail special offers from the companies which are tied up with Amjobz.

37. Will there be any deductions on my earned commissions?
Just 5% will be deducted as service charges.

38. Can I enlist a company without being Amjobz Affiliate?

39. I have a company. Should I become Affiliate to enlist my company?
No. Better to become an affiliate to get the commission from the package cost.

40. I have a good job & big salary. Why should I do affiliate marketing?
This is a better source of earning extra income.

42. How long the affiliate marketing will run?
It’s a business for future.

43. What is the privacy policy?
You can refer Amjobz website.

44. What is Genealogy?
It is a hierarchy of the affiliates.

45. What is the difference between manual & Auto filling?
Auto filling done by system only and the manual filling through affiliates.

40. What I have to do to enter in Universal Auto Filling Circulation Pool?
First become an active affiliate then sponsor 4 new active affiliates.

46. How much total I can get after finishing 5 levels in Pool?
USD 31052.0000 upon completing one cycle.

47. Should I bring all people to complete my 5 levels?
No. The system will fill all 5 levels automatically.

48. After finishing one cycle, should I have to pay again the fee?
The system will automatically deduct all payments to Amjobz.

49. After finishing one cycle, Should I have to bring 4 affiliates again?

50. When I can finish one cycle in UAFCP?
There is no time limit.

51. What is the difference between clicks and unique clicks?
The first click called unique click. More clicks will not be considered as unique clicks.

52. I don't want to share the banners in my existing social Medias. What to do?
Affiliates required creating social media account starting with Amjobz Name.

53. With the commissions that I earned in E-wallet, can I use any other purpose?
Affiliates can purchase Amjobz packages by using their E-Wallet. Also they can transfer to another affiliate ID.

54. In which currency I get paid?
By default it is in USD.

55. I don't have Laptop; can I do it from mobile?
Yes. You can

56. What is for ‘special enlisting’ coupon?
It is used by affiliates to get all benefits from Amjobz

57. I forgotten user name/password. How to retrieve it?
You will get it by ‘forgot password option’

58. How to change mobile number / email / given after joining?
It is not possible.

59. I have a question which is not listed above. To whom I have to contact?
Send to