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1. What is a Franchising?
Ans : Arrangement where one party (the franchiser) grants another party (the franchisee) the right to use its trademark or trade-name as well as certain business systems and processes, to market a good or service according to certain specifications

2. Can I start an AMJOBZ Franchise?
Ans : Yes, you can, but the age limit between 21 to 65 years and financially sound

3. What location can I select?
Ans : Yes, you can suggest your location anywhere, but the location should approved by Amjobz. Franchise location can be segregated as District/City/Metropolitan

4. What is the minimum net worth requirements to qualify as a candidate?
Ans : you should be mentally, physically and financially capable

5. How much money can I make?
Ans : 100 %

6. Is there any chance to acquire more than one AMJOBZ Franchise?
Ans : Yes, you can

7. What is the availability of AMJOBZ franchise in my area?
Ans : You can contact with Amjobz Main office to know about the availability. We are not providing more than one franchisee in one area.

8. Does AMJOBZ’s franchise to partnership or investors?
Ans : Yes, we can provide

9. Is there any Franchise fee which I have to pay to get the franchise?
Ans : No, we are not charging any fee

10. How long does the Franchise Assessment Process take?
Ans : It’s depends up on your location the time will vary

11. How much will I pay in royalties and advertising? What fees will I pay when I become a AMJOBZ franchisee?
Ans : 1% royalties from net turnover. We are not charging any fee

12. Will there be training and support?
Ans : Yes, proper training and support is available on request

13. How do I find a perfect location?
Ans : Prior approval is required from Amjobz

14. Could I transfer my location?
Ans : Yes, you can but up on prior approval by Amjobz

15. How many months should I continue on one location?
Ans : 12 months

16. Can I change the ownership for my franchise?
Ans : Yes, you can transfer but Amjobz will charge INR10,000/- (Ten Thousand only) as an ownership fee

17. Is there an additional design fees applicable for new branch?
Ans : Yes, it is applicable

18. How should I purchase the coupon to start with?
Ans : Deposit cash with Tax to our Indian bank account first

19. How many worth of coupons will I get?
Ans : Double of the amount you spend for the purchase of Coupons

20. If I couldn’t do the business, can I return these coupons to AMJOBZ?
Ans : No, sold coupons will not be taken back at any cost. It is transferable to any others and Amjobz will not responsible

21.  If I take the franchise, will I get sufficient training?
Ans : Yes, you will get online training and support

22.  How much days or weeks will I get training?
Ans : 10hrs. Online training will be provided

23.  Do I get development assistance?
Ans : Yes, from agreement

24.  What kind of development assistance will I may get?
Ans: See the agreement.

25.  Is there any operational manual for franchise?
Ans : Yes, we will provide

26.  Can I disclose the operational manual to others?
Ans : No, it’s not

27.  Can I operate more than one business at a time?
Ans : Yes, you can and prior approval from Amjobz

28.  Can I operate related business?
Ans : No, it’s not possible

29.  What do you mean by royalty?
Ans : Royalty is a payment made by one party (the "licensee or franchisee) to another that owns a particular asset (the "licensor or franchisor ") for the right to ongoing use of that asset

30.   Should I pay the royalty and how much?
Ans : Yes, you must pay the 1% of your net profit turnover

31.  What will be the period followed for paying the royalty?
Ans : Quarterly

32.  Who should bear the advertisement charges?
Ans : Franchisee’s responsible for bearing the cost and Amjobz will not provide any financial support

33.  Will AMJOBZ contribute in advertisement?
Ans : No, it’s Franchisee’s responsibility

34.  What support will I get in the case of advertisement?
Ans : Agreement from the Development assistance

35.  Is there any promotional material provided by AMJOBZ?
Ans : Yes, online material will be provided

36.  Who will decide on quality control?
Ans : Amjobz is the responsible for the Quality Control

37.  How the quality control is applicable?
Ans : Periodical Inspection will be done

38.  What is the measure for quality control?

39.  Is there any physical products or services are available?
Ans : Not at present

40.  Can I introduce my own product or service?
Ans : No, It’s not possible

41.  What is the term of this franchise?
Ans : 5 years

42.  Can I terminate this agreement?
Ans : yes, 1 month notice period is required

43.  How could I do the cancellation?
Ans : up on written request

44.  Any notice period is available?
Ans : 30 days

45.  What will happen if I made any default?
Ans : Amjobz has the full right to terminate the franchisee’s contract

46.  If I abandoned the services what is the provision?
Ans : Your Franchisee should be insured

47.  Who can suspend this agreement?
Ans : Either party can suspend

48.  What could be the reason for suspension or terminations?
Ans : terms and conditions applied

49.   What will happen upon insolvency?
He can close the business

50.  Which law is applicable?
Ans : Law is applicable as per the particular country’s law

51.  What you mean by criminal conviction?
Ans : If he has any criminal background, he can’t have the franchisee

52.  Can I put my name on the board?
Ans : Yes, along with Amjobz Name

53.  What is minimum requirement for renew the agreement?
Ans : up on completion of 5 years, you can renew the agreement

54.  Can I purchase the coupons any time?
Ans : Yes, you can purchase it any time

55.  Is there any minimum quantity that I should maintain?
Ans : Yes, INR 50,000/- worth of coupon should be maintained

56.  If I didn’t maintain the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is there will be any kind of penalty?
Ans : Yes, INR 10,000/- is the penalty

57. Can I use the marks anywhere?
Yes, prior to approval by Amjobz

58.  What do you mean by unauthorized disclosure?
Ans : Any Internal matters or trade secret assigned by Amjobz to franchisee should not be disclosed to any other third parties.

59.   If I repeat the non-compliance, what will be the action?
Ans : Immediate termination of franchisee

60.  Can I create my own price list?
Ans : No, Amjobz standard price list need to be followed

61.  What kind of verification need to be made upon?
Ans : Valid Trade License. No any Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing Companies should be entertained. Any products or services which is restricted by law is not possible to do 

62.  What kind of uniforms to be made?
Ans : Black Pant, White Top with Blazer and Badge

63.  Should I keep any separate sitting room for AMJOBZ staffs?
Ans : Yes, for marketing team from Amjobz, if necessary

64.  Is there any commissions provided to the Marketing Team from AMJOBZ?
Ans : Yes, Franchise no need to give any type of commission to Amjobz Marketing Team

65.  What is the format need to be followed in case of Name board?
Ans : Design should be given by Amjobz

66.  Is cash is allowed in sales?
Ans : No, we are not accepting any cash by hand. Either Wire Transfer or Cheque

67.  What will be other payment modes?
Ans : Credit/Debit Card, DD, etc.

68.  Is there any insurance provided by AMJOBZ?
Ans : No, Franchise’s responsible to take Insurance, if necessary

69.  In case of any disputes, where it can be solved?
Ans : Country head office jurisdiction

70.  What will happen if I breach on the modification?
Ans : Termination

71.  What all cost should I bear at initial stage?
Ans : Office setup cost, coupon fee, Design Charge, Training Charge, Staff’s salary, if any

72.  Are the licensed methods are approved by the existing government?
Ans : Yes, we have valid license to operate the business

73.   How do I approach for new business?
Ans : You can use our Training Program as needed

74.  What kind of companies should I approach?
Ans : Copy paste the categories

75.  Should I pay taxes directly to the concern authority?
Ans : Yes,

76.  Is there any service tax applicable and how much?
Ans : Yes, it is applicable as per Country’s Law

77.  Can I start franchise in any other country?
Ans : Yes, you can

78.  What kind of documents needed to start a franchise?

79.  What will be the minimum required space for taking an office?
Ans : 200 Sq. ft. and above

80.  If I couldn’t make the renewal on time, is there will be any penalty?
Ans : Yes, penalty is applicable as per the agreement

81.   If I close my existing AMJOBZ franchise for some time, can I again start a new franchise in future?
Ans : No, It’s not possible.

82.  While progressing the business, if there is any challenge arise which may affect the business, will AMJOBZ favor or render any orientation or assistance in terms of increasing the business?
Ans : Yes, Amjobz will provide the support always for developing the business

83.  Can I use the online payment system of AMJOBZ for my clients, if so how that can be configured?
Ans : No, we are not entertaining

84.  If I couldn’t upload whole sum of money to buy the coupons at a time, can I get any installment scheme to repay?
Ans : No, any Installment scheme

85.  What will be the tenure which can I get the maximum in case of franchise?
Ans : As long as you wish

86.  If I get more business through my office, will I get some extra bonus or profit margin from AMJOBZ?
Ans : No, it’s all inclusive

87.  If I fail to do the business unexpected, will AMJOBZ take over?
Ans : No, you can transfer to others

88.  Who is eligible to wear uniforms?
Ans : Responsible staff should be worn

89.  Can I approach new companies from other districts or states or country?
Ans : No, it is strictly prohibited

90. Will I get proper response on my queries on time?
Ans : 24/7 online support