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    Nellara Food Products - Dubai, U.A.E

    Nellara Food Products, made by a family owned company of India’s Kerala State, this high quality Curry powder, Rice powder, Rice, Pickles and Wheat powder have a wonderfully delicate home made taste. Spurred on by Kerala’s fascination with curry making, Nellara developed these great line of relishes and food products. Nellara’s whole range is processed and packed in Dubai to give you more freshness and shelf life.

    It is the first brand processed and marketed in Middle East countries with authentic Kerala blend. Nellara present before you a line of vibrant, fresh tasting condiments in cool and trendy packs. Nellara also bring you international quality Pickles, Rice, fine powdered rice and wheat powder.

    Contact Us

    Nellara Group of companies
    P.O. Box: 19370, Al Qusais
    Dubai – U.A.E.
    Tel : +9714 2585 144
    Fax : 04 2585 149