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    Sruthi Music and Dance Institute, Dubai, UAE

    Sruthi Music and Dance Institute was founded in 1987, in Dubai. Over the past years it has registered remarkable growth in every sphere of activity. Ever since its inception the institute has been the breeding ground for eminent young artists who have enthralled audi¬ences in Dubai as well as other Emirates.

    Our Mission

    To awaken the latent talents in a person and to provide quality teach­ing to our customers in the field of Music, Dance and Art.

    Our Vision

    To make use of our highly qualified instructors and other staff to encourage all students in the field of Music, Dance & Art and to grow to be one of the best institutes in the field of entertainment.

    Contact Us

    P.O.Box 50321, No. 14, Sana Fashion Bldg.,
    Karama, Dubai, U.A.E
    Tel : 043377398
    Fax : 043353835
    Mob : 0506448865
    Email :
    Website :