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Work from Home

Pay Per Click
This is an amazing opportunity for those who wish to work from home and get income for each unique click they make. To get this income, you just need to become an affiliate through "Social Media Signup and need to promote the banners which appears in "Promotion=> Banners & Links'' area in Affiliate's dash board. Click on each banner, and your account will be updated with USD 0.01 for each unique click. That means, one click per day per banner will be approved. But to get more and more income, just share each banner in social media repeatedly by clicking Social media buttons under each banner. After sharing the banner, if your friends / followers click on your shared banner, will be considered a unique click, and you will get paid! For example, if you share a banner in social media, 100 of your friends click on the banner then you will get USD 1. The first USD 140 of your earned income will be used for onetime software setup cost automatically by the system. But the rest of all Pay Per Click income that you earned by sitting in home will be transferred to account whenever you want.
You can transfer minimum USD 50 to your account, Bank transfer charges will be applicable...!!!
Social Media Bonus
Social Media is one of the largest market to brand any kind of products or services to a larger group of people. Here we are interrelating the worldwide people to promote different brands through our e-marketing solutions which will give some sort of income for the people who wants to work from home. Here in Amjobz, we are providing a special Bonus called Social Media Bonus which you can work out from your home. You only need to share the advertisements through different social medias.
One who develop their face book friends address as to the maximum (5000 friends) will get a yearly (January - December) bonus @ 5% of the total enlisting turnover of the company divided to all achievers equally
Yearly Bonus
By simply sharing our listed advertisements via various social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Through which the people will generate more clicks from their friends. These unique clicks will be counted on daily basis and a certain percentage of income will be calculated for each click. Accumulating around 2500 clicks will be considered as one unit. The affiliate deserve to get 5% of enlisting turnover based on the number of units achieved yearly. That's called Yearly Bonus.
Enlisting & Promotions
Our aim is to promote all companies associated with us. Its a big challenge and creates more credibility for us. Our large group of affiliates can share a huge number of adverts through our enlisting software and it can be converted as an income.
All the affiliates can enlist endless number of companies and do promotions of their Business, which contain the products and services from all over the world. Affiliate is benefited from 25% of the package cost